Valientin Kurzhiy


Javascript Developer, Blockchain Developer




Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Office or remote?

Only remote

Willing to relocate?



6 years

Time to start

Less than a week


1. Frontend Development • Frameworks: Vue (Options, Composition API), Nuxt.js • UI libraries: Vuetify, Bootstrap • State Management: Vuex, Pinia • Development Server & Bundlers: Vite, Webpack, Gulp 2.Backend Development • Frameworks: Express.js, Koa.js, Nest.js, Keystone.js • Relational Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL + Postgis, SQLite, MariaDB • NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Firebase • Key-Value Databases: Redis, Cloudflare KV Store • ORM & ODM: Sequelize, Mongoose, Prisma, Knex.js, TypeORM • Data Exchange Protocols and Methods: REST/SOAP APIs, WebSockets, UDP/Datagram sockets, REST/SOAP APIs, RPC (Remote Procedure Call), GraphQL • Message Brokers: RabbitMQ, Redis • Search Engines: Elasticsearch, 3. Blockchain and DApp Development (EVM-based): • Libraries: web3.js, ethers.js • Frameworks: Truffle, Hardhat • Blockchain Technologies: Solidity, Ethereum • Protocols and Standards: ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, EIP1967, ERC2771, ERC-4337 • Others: Remix IDE, Ganache, Biconomy SDK, Metamask 4. System Architecture & Design: • Application of SOLID Principles: Applying SOLID principles for creating maintainable and extensible software systems. • Architectural Patterns: Knowledge and application of various architectural patterns, including microservice architecture, to address specific design challenges. • Database Design and Optimization: Expertise in designing and optimizing databases for improved performance and scalability 5. Containerization and Deployment: • Containerization: Docker, Docker Compose • Deployment and Orchestration: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Cloudflare, Heroku • Build and Deployment Tools: PM2, CI/CD Tools • Web Server and Security: Nginx, SSL/TLS Certificates 6. Testing: • Unit Tests and Coverage: Mocha, Chai, Codecov • E2E Testing: Cypress 7. Team Leadership and Project Management • Leadership: Guide teams, ensure code quality via reviews. • Project Management: Apply Agile principles, and allocate tasks effectively. • Talent Acquisition: Identify and onboard key talent. • Performance Optimization: Assess and boost team performance. 8. Additional Skills • Bot Development: Telegram and Discord bot creation. • Third-Party Services: Integration with LiqPay, Stripe, Afterbanks, Coinbase, ChatGPT, Airtable, Twilio, Segment, and more. • OpenStreetMap Services: OSRM, Nominatim, Photon setup and deployment. • Business Analysis: Data-driven decision making, business solution integration. • Version Control & Project Management: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, JIRA, Trello.