Viktor Kyrylovych


Junior Frontend Developer




Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Office or remote?

Both are acceptable

Willing to relocate?



1 year

Time to start

One week


- HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind - JavaScript, TypeScript - React.js, Next.js - Redux, RTK - MUI, ANTD, Swiper - RestApi


Greetings, in order to somehow stand out among other candidates, I will write a couple of successes during my last job. - I found a project for the company that made it possible to scale the team. Also managed several developers who were working on this project. - Described in detail the information about the project's functionality (ERP), which helped to increase the payment for the project. - Developed documentation (explanation of functionality, code style sheet for developers, instructions, plan, etc.) before starting work on the project, which simplified and accelerated development due to minimal communication to clarify details. - Conducted code reviews, which helped to reduce bugs on the product - Provided a detailed tour for new developers on all aspects of the company, which made the adaptation of newcomers very fast. - Advised on conducting interviews for better selection of candidates. Conducted interviews. - Created a code structure on the project, which further contributed to improving the readability and understanding of the code