Olga Tytarenko


Fullstack Developer (React / Ruby on Rails )




Ужгород, Закарпатська область

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4 years

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Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MySQL, Agile, Scrum, SAFE, Pair Programming, Behavior Driven Development, Kanban, Laravel, RoR, VUE3, jQuery, React, SCSS, Tailwind, GraphQl


hi, my journey as a software developer started at university. Graduated from the Cybernetics and Mathematics Faculty of Uzhhorod National University. In my first company, I worked on a platform for communication between teachers and parents. Our core technologies were php for the backend and react for the frontend. We worked in the kanban system. The team was small - 3-5 developers. My duty was to refactor the old code and rewrite it to react because some code was rendering on php. When COVID started, we had a lot of work to do to add new features for online learning. In my second company, I had the chance to retrain on ruby ​​and worked in healthcare. Where I worked in two teams. In the first team (9 developers), we needed to establish communication between two different programs. It was a completely new scope of work, so we had a lot of discussions about it. Since we worked in the scrum system, I was involved in all the processes of planning, evaluating, adding exceptions and estimating. On the frontend, we had React on the backend - ruby ​​on rails, the tests were written in rspec and jest. db: mysql In the second team (3 developers) we added a new member form with information that is used in all application. There I worked on a custom library for rendering in all systems: web, ios and android. So I also worked with the iOS app. It was also my responsibility to test the environment on AWS. If we had a problem with the code in the logs, I fixed it. Also responsible for updating branches. Preparing branch and task for releases. Such as run tool for report status for release branches. Documentation was writen in Confluence. All apps was running localy from docker.